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“Pete understands the digital marketing and media landscape, how to leverage it for building brands and businesses. He is a fantastic and energizing speaker”

Associate Director, Media and Consumer Engagement, Mondelēz International

The Digital Kickstarter


The Digital Kickstarter was designed under the brand 'The Digital Marketing Framework Series' in partnership with the industry through the Association of Accredited Advertising Agencies (4As) in Singapore.


It provides an all-inclusive overview of the digital media and marketing industry for individuals and companies looking to actively develop their commercial skills and presence in an on-line environment.

The Curriculum


The Digital Kickstarter curriculum comprises 9 core units that follow the digital marketing process from conception, through execution, audience acquisition to performance management and optimization.


In doing so, it not only covers every key discipline, but it allows delegates to experience them in the context of the overall digital road map.


The 9 core disciplines include:


Digital Foundation Strategy


Reviewing the roles that digital platforms can play within the business and the creation of a foundation strategy.


Relationship Marketing


Understanding why customer data, insights and personalization lie at the core of all digital strategies, along with simple approaches to implementation.


Content Strategy


Leveraging customer insights to identify underlying needs and creating attractive, engaging, inspiring content that converts


Platforms and Publication


Scoping and executing effective digital platforms including websites, apps and social presence.


Communication Strategy


Creating effective strategies to reach out to and engage with potential customers


Audience Acquisition


The implementation of communications strategy through e-mail, search, display, programmatic and paid social media


Social Media Marketing


Building and engaging communities for customer development, service and advocacy roles.


Retail Activation


Applying transactional components to digital strategies in both the real and on-line environments.


Evaluation and Optimization


Capturing performance data, setting objectives and measurements for success, and creating an optimization process

A Flexible Modular Solution


The Kickstarter provides a simple modular structure that allows companies to design courses tailored precisely to their own needs that allow delegates and workshop attendees to create effective digital strategies, and understand the interplay of content, platforms, e-commerce and audience acquisition that drives commercial success.


It provides a simple overview of how companies can leverage social, search and display media to acquire, retain and convert customers, in addition to the technologies that facilitate them, and the metrics that define their performance.

The Workshop Experience

Skills development with training workshops at Mutiny

Key Skills Development


Foundation skills are delivered in a cluster group environment where delegates are presented with core concepts illustrated with relevant and inspiring case studies, supporting data and real life examples, and invited to apply these ideas to their existing marketing strategies.

Learning through teamwork and breakout groups

Teamwork and Strategy


Delegates are set a series of challenges in groups through the working day where they are invited to apply the skills they have acquired to either real or fictional environments to generate original plans and ingenious solutions.


Ideas are presented back to competing groups to trigger critical thinking and the ability to work effectively in teams.

Creating original videos for training at Mutiny Consulting

Asset Building


Wherever appropriate, team presentations and training output can be recorded and delivered as a permanent record of the skills acquired and the ideas generated.


Recordings can be delivered back individually to the client for use in their own training systems, or Mutiny can provide for an original training platform populated with examples, exercises and other training assets.

About the Trainers


Mutiny draws trainers and subject matter experts from our extensive industry network, to ensure the best possible introduction to digital marketing from senior practitioners who execute world class strategies every day of their lives.


The workshops are designed, presented, facilitated and delivered by our two practice leads alongside guest speakers.

Nick Fawbert



Nick is an experienced, flexible, results oriented media and marketing strategist.


He has a decade of experience training digital marketing skills in Asia, training over 1,000 people under the Digital Marketing Framework series in association with the Association of Accredited Advertising Agencies


He has almost 25 years track record delivering across global markets with extensive experience in blue chip media brands such as the BBC, the Daily Telegraph, CBS and Yahoo!, and has been based in Asia for almost a decade working with world famous regional brands such as MediaCorp and SPH.

Pete Mitchell



Pete is a highly energetic and results focused digital marketing professional with more than 25 years working both agency and client side in the media and marketing industries.


He has worked with Blue Chip clients in the UK, Europe, Asia and the Americas bringing enterprise change to all of the brands he has serviced.


With over a decade of training experience, Pete is a media industry veteran whose core skills include: Performance media, Search Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Brand Planning, Digital Strategy and Implementation, Programmatic Media Trading, Media Business Operations, Staff Management, Traditional Media Planning and Implementation, Capabilities Training, Communications Planning, Media Channel Planning, Media Integration and Senior Agency and Brand Side Relationships at the C-Suite level.

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