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"Nick has this uncanny ability to understand a specific business problem
and then articulate it in a way that is understandable to beginner and expert alike."

Vice President Digital, Group Marketing, AIA

About Mutiny VISION™ Interviews

The first stage in developing a world class team is to create and communicate both vision and values:  for the company as a whole, and for the senior leadership teams themselves.

The increasing diversity and distributed nature of modern companies mean that traditional town hall and corporate communications approaches are  proving less effective amongst modern
hyper-connected talent pools.

Mutiny VISION™ Video Interviews allow senior leadership the opportunity to deliver an effective, engaging, inspiring message to all employees and key stakeholders at a time of their choosing wherever they may be.

Exceptional videos demand far more than a camera and recording equipment.

Senior leadership take advantage of decades of experience both in C-Suite roles and in content creation from Mutiny's market leading consultancy team.

The combination of strategic insight, tried and tested frameworks alongside a comprehensive understanding of the video medium, means Mutiny offers world class results with a minimum of client investment in time and energy.

Efficient work flow and post production expertise shortens the window of delivery in most cases, ensuring Mutiny can meet the requirements of the most demanding briefs.

Leverage a Simple, Accessible Managed Approach

Setting The Agenda

Effective video content sells itself. We aim to understand your audience needs: what drives, motivates and inspires them,
and what the problems are that have to be solved.

Mutiny works closely with our interviewees to establish the foundation content, the vision and values we need to convey,
and the most appropriate method of delivery.

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Brainstorming the Interview

Mutiny employs tried and tested communications strategies including DIPADA, AIDA and SPIN to bring
structure to the interview.

We employ famous story telling techniques to bring ideas to life, and create a narrative arc across the conversation that ensures audiences are gripped from beginning to end.

Preparing The Venue

Mutiny review the existing environment for natural light
and audio sources before recommending a set up
which guarantees the best possible audience experience.

We use portable three point spot and fill lighting
and multiple cameras to emphasise the interviewee
and make sure every shot is a work of art.

Industry Outreach


Reach out to 10,000+ industry practitioners with our social media and workshop interviews.

The Shoot

At Mutiny we've found that the best possible results are generated when the interviewee is completely comfortable with the shoot environment.

We deliver content with a natural conversational style in a low pressure environment where interviewees are welcome to rehearse, rephrase and repeat interview segments as often as they wish.

Broadcast Quality Cameras

Our broadcast quality cameras generate 4K high definition images at up to 120 frame per second across a high dynamic range that ensure your presenters are always seen
in the best possible light.

Studio Quality Audio

Using market leading shotgun microphones positioned on a boom in close proximity to the speaker means we get the best possible audio experience devoid of the muffle and rustle of lavaliers and annoying studio echo.

High Definition Output

External camera recording devices offer incredibly high quality output at ProRes 4:2:2 that can be transferred directly into local post production at up to 4K resolution, or delivered to external post production houses for later editing.

Dedicated Motion Graphics

Mutiny can offer a full range of graphics solutions to support the interviewees. We offer everything from simple low cost transitional graphics to comprehensive animated output that gives your videos the extra wow factor.

Comprehensive Post Production

Mutiny provide a world class post production facility that allows us to provide an all in one video solution that takes us from concept to platform ready output in a matter of minutes.

It means that video files can be transferred via the web directly to your desktop on a same day basis - all optimised for your own e-learning platforms, Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo
and other popular destinations.