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Welcome to The Perfect Pitch


Whether you're a business development executive looking to build your brand, an agency executive looking to win clients or an entrepreneur looking to attract investors, great pitching skills are the most important part of your tool set!


As part of our comprehensive suite of e-learning videos covering all the key skills in the marketing and sales industry, The Perfect Pitch is a great place to start.


You can find out more details in the sidebar, but it you're hungry just to dive in and try it out, then don't hesitate... Jump right in!


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Part I - First Principles

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Take a good look at where you are now and where you want to get to! Your success will build on strong foundations, and that means starting with the right attitude and understanding where you need to get to.

A Winning Attitude

Understanding the Process

Setting Core Targets

Prioritising Customers

Part II - Preparation

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Now that you know where you're going, we can start to look at the preparatory work you need to do to strengthen your pitch before you reach out to your first clients.

A Moment of Clarity

Identifying Decision Makers

Answering Hidden Questions

Anticipating Challenges

Getting the Right Mindset

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Part III - Engaging


Learn the key skills necessary to engage with your clients. Understand what motivates them, how to kick start a conversation, and how to trigger those insights that show your product in its best light.


Part IV - Pitching


Understand the conversational structures that create a coherent and persuasive message and allow you to respond positively to client needs and accommodate their concerns.


Part V - Converting


Learn how to bring up the investment opportunities, craft your proposal, and create incentives for buying that will keep both your client and your company happy.


Part VI - Managing


Design a long term plan to extend your skills across a broad and diverse client base, and ensure that you manage your time effectively to maximise your efforts where the return is greatest.


Part VII - Developing


Set yourself an overall career structure, and create a series of stepping stones that will take you to a leadership role within the organisation, and respect and credibility within your industry.




Welcome to the
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The Mutiny Kickstarter E-Learning curriculum comprises 10 core units and over 350 videos with a special focus on digital marketing that follow the   process from conception, through execution, audience acquisition to performance management and optimization.


In doing so, it not only covers every key discipline, but it allows delegates to experience them in the context of the overall digital road map.


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About The Perfect Pitch


We know that the biggest priority in business after generating great ideas is to get customers in through the door.


Not only are customers the lifeblood of the company, but in the long term we will be building our products and services around them, and we cannot do that if we are not talking!


Insights and Inspiration


This series is about giving you the skills and knowledge to make that happen.


We will teach you about attitudes and approaches, targets and priorities, customers and their motivation.


We will teach you simple ideas that will help you present ideas well, discuss and overcome challenges, negotiate great deals and service, service, service.


But more than anything, we will teach you how to have the confidence of your convictions, and the actions to match your words.


So sign up, sign on and get involved!

About the Tutor













Nick Fawbert is an experienced, flexible, results oriented media and marketing strategist.


He scores an average rating of 95% for his coaching on the international IME Mini MBA Programme.


He has dedicated his career to creating great ideas, pitching them, presenting them, negotiating solutions and closing the deal!


Over 10 years in training he has coached more than 1,000 industry professionals how to get the best from their company and successfully present world class solutions to the world's biggest clients.


He leverages almost 25 years track record delivering across global markets with extensive experience in blue chip media brands such as the BBC, the Daily Telegraph, CBS and Yahoo!, and has been based in Asia for almost a decade working with world famous regional brands such as MediaCorp and SPH.


Most recently he has been a leader in the content marketing industry both regionally and globally through his senior roles at Brand New Media.


He is an accomplished industry contributor, helping to launch trade associations including the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and the Asia Content Marketing Association (ACMA).