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About Team Building and Management Communications

The Opportunity

Business success is dependent on effective teamwork, and great teams are built on great communications.

Whether you’re taking over an existing team, launching a new one, or have been leading a group for a while, getting people to work together to produce excellent outcomes is not easy. Each team is different, and each poses a distinct set of challenges.

This course teaches delegates how to form, identify and manage great teams by employing world class communication skills.

The Development

The workshops are derived from the work of the Harvard Business School and the aggregated views of their contributors.

We leverage world class knowledge from leading Asian business practitioners to develop a curriculum that encompasses the latest in modern management techniques tempered with the experience of market leading professionals with a unique insight on Asian business practice.

The result is a course dedicated to driving successful results in a regional context.

Workshop Details

Course Length:



Class Size:

2 days

9am to 5pm

Available on request

Maximum 20 persons

  • Why Delegates Should Attend

    The course provides a fast track introduction to world class team management techniques.

    We enhance business performance with proven strategies in how to pick the right team members, and cultivate their skills.

    We demonstrate how to set clear, smart goals that rally support both within and outside the team. We show how to foster cooperation, address bad behaviour before it gets out of hand, promote healthy dissent and resolve conflict when it rears its head.

    We share how holding members accountable to one another, keeping them focused and motivated to the end and identifying best practices for your next team deliver the results your business needs.

    Delegates will emerge from the course with a clear understanding of how great communications drives modern effective business approaches, along with a framework and specific challenges and solutions that can be applied to their own teams from day one.

  • Our Approach

    The Fast Track Workshop format is designed with regional audiences in mind.

    They deliver intensive workshop experiences that provide delegates with the insights, skills and approaches to take what they have learned directly back to the workplace and apply to their everyday roles. They include:

    Foundation principles

    Case studies

    Tasks and challenges

    Role playing

    Strategic planning

    Our objective is to deliver key capability that will have an instant impact on commercial growth.

  • Who Should Attend

    This course is targeted at team leaders and middle management.

    Benefits will be greatest for those with at least 2 years of professional experience and in middle management roles.

    Delegates are expected to be familiar with their business structure and the roles of different departments across their entire organisation.

  • The Workshop Format

    Each day stars with an introduction that lays out the learning opportunities, and seeks out the specific needs of individual delegates to ensure the content is tailored to their learning goals.

    The core learning period is split into seven 45 minute modules, containing 25 minutes of formal presentation covering concepts and frameworks, and a 20 minute exercise where candidates bring the ideas to life within their own business, working either individually or in groups.

    Day One modules include building a team infrastructure, management principles, daily priorities and the role of managers as coaches.

    Day Two modules include delivering feedback, performance reviews, strategies for growth, dealing with challenges and how to create a team performance strategy.

    Each day ends with a summary of the day's learnings and an invitation to feedback and establish action points moving forwards.

  • The Workshop Curriculum Day 1 - Management & Coaching

    Key content includes:

    Why team management matters, what high performing teams look like, management principles and why personalities matter:

    Build a Team Infrastructure - How to pull together a winning team, understand each other, establish goals, identify roles, create rules of conduct and accountability and build a Formula for Success

    Management Principles - Understanding good decisions, holding people accountable, giving recognition, resolving conflicts, introducing new team members and managing externally

    Day to Day Focus - How to manage emotions, orchestrate effective delivery and stage activities. How this leads to team insights and growth.

    Managers as Coaches - Understanding the role of a coach, how to adjust management thinking, set the stage and earn trust

    Daily Coaching - Holding a coaching session, following up, giving feedback, enlisting expertise, reducing workload and avoiding mistakes

    Customized Coaching - Differentiating learning styles, understanding stars, steadies and strugglers, coaching rookies and coaching entire teams

    A Unique Style - How to craft personal vision and mission statements that are unique to your personal management style

    We also include Summary, Questions and Interactive Debate, the key learnings plus an invitation to feedback

  • The Workshop Curriculum Day 2 - Effective Appraisals

    Key content includes:

    Why effective appraisals are business critical

    Effective Feedback - When to give feedback, understanding the context, cultivating relationships, expressing appreciation, focusing on facts.

    Negative Feedback - A review of ‘set up to fail’ syndrome, effective approaches to negative feedback and delivering bad news in a positive way

    Performance Reviews - Setting effective measurement metrics, establishing expectations, laying the groundwork, setting the tone, constructive coaching and being firm but fair

    Growth strategies - Identifying weaknesses, setting and supporting employee goals and a framework for record keeping. Hints and tips on promotions and pay raises

    Dealing with Challenges - How to prioritize feedback when time is limited, deliver criticism to defensive employees, help underperformers and drive increased productivity from start performers

    Team Performance - How to introduce a new appraisal system to a team, set expectations, create opportunities for engagement, set team metrics, keep performance issues in the open

    We also include Summary, Questions and Interactive Debate, the key learnings plus an invitation to feedback


Team Building and

Communications 2018

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Nick Fawbert is an experienced, flexible, results oriented media and marketing strategist with over 25 years industry experience.

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