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BLUEPRINT™ offers a modular approach to internal strategy development, allowing our partners to assess their business and apply our expertise where it delivers the most effective results. Alternatively we can progress through a seven stage linear process for the most comprehensive outcomes.


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Discovery Workshops

Stage 1 - Discovery Workshops

Discovery Workshops with Mutiny recognise and engage team practitioners to establish a foundation for future digital marketing strategy. We explore the goals we have set ourselves, our achievements to date, and the lessons that we have learned to establish a blueprint for future digital marketing success.

Mutiny will review and document the output of the Discovery Workshops to summarise existing and future ambitions in marketing in the context existing competences and established digital industry marketing practices.

Stage 2 - Executive Summary

Executive Summary

Strategic Objectives

Stage 2 - Strategic Objectives

Working closely with internal practitioners, Mutiny will gather existing performance data into a concise and transferable set of business goals. We will leverage industry benchmarks and accessible public data to establish a set of key performance indicators against which investment can be judged for future marketing activity.

Building upon the snapshot of existing and future competencies within the Executive Summary, and applying the key performance indicators established within the Strategic Objectives, Mutiny will establish a series of activities that are best placed to meet those goals.

Stage 4 - Strategic Framework

Strategic Framework

Performance Scorecards

Stage 5 - Performance Scorecards

In consultation with internal stakeholders, Mutiny will break down the objectives of a digital marketing strategy in terms of specific, measurable and achievable goals that can be reviewed throughout the execution plan.

Mutiny will aggregate, document and provide details of existing internal best practice alongside practical experience to illustrate each of the activities and objectives that can be pursued to ensure effective execution against performance scorecards.

Stage 6 - Marketing Playbook

Marketing Playbook

Executional Roadmap

Accommodating internal and external timelines, Mutiny will work with all stakeholders to establish a calendar of activities that will meet the requirements of the Strategic Objectives, Strategic Framework, Performance Scorecards and the Marketing Playbook to provide a series of deadlines that meet internal goals.