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search engine marketing

About Search Engine Marketing

The Opportunity

Search Marketing is one of the principle links between your business, the web platform you create and tens of millions of potential customers out there in the real world.

Learn the principles behind world class search engine optimisation, both on page and off page, to ensure the most effective launch to your online marketing strategy.

So please do sign on, sign up, and enjoy the fruits of an inspiring education in Search Marketing.

The Development

This course is designed to be an introduction to the basics of search marketing, useful for both seasoned traditional marketers and complete beginners alike.

Leveraging the latest insights and analysis from across leading industry practitioners, we cover the fundamentals, introduce ideas such as Search Engine ranking factors, and the explain how you can make best use of the tools at your disposal to maximise your chances of business success.

An Introduction to Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing Video Samples

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About the Tutor

Pete is a highly energetic and results focused digital marketing professional with more than 25 years working both agency and client side in the media and marketing industries.

Part I - Getting Started

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Introducing Search

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Ranking Factors

Keyword Research

Part II - Working with Websites

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URL Structure for Websites

A Simple Guide to Page Tags

Best Practice for Title Tags & Meta Tags

A Simple Guide to HTML Links

Link Attributes and Keyword Usage

Design for SEO

Part III - Working with Content

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User Experience and Content for SEO

On Page Keyword Optimisation

Addressing Duplicated Content

Part IV - Working with the World Wide Web

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Introduction to Link Building

A Link Building Strategy

Five Simple Link Building Solutions

Part V - Solving Problems

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Introduction to Negative SEO

Negative SEO and Spam Links

Negative SEO and Fake Link Removal

Negative SEO and Content Scraping

Part VI - Tracking Performance

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Measuring Success in SEO