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Developing a Digital Strategy

PATHFINDER™ Strategic Planning Framework

A quick introductory video on how Mutiny leverages the PATHFINDER™ Framework to craft an integrated marketing communications plan covering both traditional
and digital environments.

It's all in High Definition, so sit back, grab a coffee and enjoy!

"Nick has been an invaluable resource for industry and Asian market information, media insights, and guidance.
He is a leader in the digital media and adverting space and has consistently come
with results driven, sustainable ideas that work for both advertisers and publishers."


Regional Director, South East Asia, Yahoo!

Mutiny PATHFINDER™ aims to maximise sales volume and frequency by leveraging an integrated strategic planning framework to connect marketing communications across all touch points in the customer journey. It draws inspiration from comprehensive insights into consumer activity in retail, traditional and digital media environments to construct an effective path to purchase, purpose engineered for the modern world.


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Using consumer insights from retail, traditional and digital environments alongside 'big data' journey mapping, we construct a comprehensive 'path to purchase' that sees the marketing communications process from a customer point of view.

Working closely with all stakeholders we formulate a 'big idea' communications strategy that goes beyond brand positioning to create a framework for leveraging every consumer touch point according to its role in the customer journey and the interactive opportunities available.

We establish pathfinders to the point of purchase by identifying consumer 'inflection points' across retail, traditional and digital environments to formulate both tactical communications opportunities and the operational plans that will create incentive and inspire decision making.

We maximise both frequency and volume of purchase by establishing retail opportunities within traditional and digital environments that arise across the entire customer journey to provide triggers for instant, accessible and sustained transactions.

We maximise communications efficiency by using 'big data' feedback on the retail process to establish content and communications that inspire customers to share and substantiate a positive product experience to friends and colleagues.

We create an effective content strategy that informs and inspires transaction by leveraging consumer insights and big data
to identify and satisfy
customer needs.